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Winchargeback is an infant company in the competitive market of the funds recovery industry. It is partnered with one of the biggest names in the industry, Payback Ltd.

The company has its primary focus on cybercrime and online scam activities such as Binary Options, Forex or fake brokerages. These scammers target innocent people and take their money on the name of investment or trading.

The founders started this company with a mission that they put in words as, “reinstate justice for the millions of innocent people.”

It has a team of anti-fraud experts who work diligently to fight against online scammers and help the victims in recovering their money.

Winchargeback also endeavors to develop new cyber systems through which these scam operations can be detected at an early stage and the loss of money can be prevented.

What Services Do They Provide?

Winchargeback comprises a team of professionals who have expertise in the field of funds recovery. These people are consultants who give advice, assistance and suggestions to the victims of online scams.

The company follows different ways for different types of scams and greatly relies upon their process which has turned out to be successful most of the time. Mentioned below are the various types of cybercrimes that are operated actively on certain online platforms. All these scams are handled by Winchargeback with a considerable success rate.

Broker Fraud Lawyers

Those who are involved in the investments and trading industries know that brokers are the very primary yet important individuals who establish the connection between an investor and a trading company.

The online platforms open doors for the “fraud brokers” to enter the market and fool innocent people by promising them to provide unreal benefits, free bonuses and guaranteed profits.

The emergence of these brokers has multiplied the cases of online scams. Winchargeback understands the severity of this situation and its team of professionals leave no stone unturned in tracking down these fraudsters.

The company acts as broker fraud lawyers and uses defined resources to track down these brokers and recover the money of their clients.

Winchargebackalso provides safety guidelines and advisories to its clients so that they can detect possible threats in future.

Forex Trading & Binary Options Scams

Although Binary Options itself is a form of investment that involves high risks, it is still preferred by a lot of individuals who have a high-risk appetite. It is a kind of betting where the interested investor has to tell whether a said trading event will happen or not.

There are many unauthorized and illegal forex trading and brokerage firms who target the people who are interested in such investments and make a fool of them by running away with their money.

Winchargeback lead the fight of their clients against these binary scams and help them in recovering their money. Using full-proof strategies and pre-planned processes, the company leads the victim in successfully recovering the funds. It also provides safety guidelines to avoid these types of online scams.

Online Fraud

There are many scams that take place under the shed of online platforms. The internet era has made it very easy and convenient for the fraud traders to make easy targets and execute their scams.

Winchargeback has a well-renowned team of professionals who fight against all the leading online fraud activities like consumer cybercrime, internet frauds and e-crimes. The company follows a three-step procedure for enacting their strategies. They are –

First Contact: The client needs to contact the company and register his complaint by giving all the details related to the scam.

Discussion and Planning: The team discusses all the possible ways of taking down the fraud and do the needful accordingly.

Final Strategy: This involves all the necessary actions that need to be taken against the scammer including legal actions if needed.

Investment Fraud Defence:

Winchargeback also help the interested investors in building a strong investment network by giving all the necessary advice and safety guidelines so that these types of online scams are avoided by the people.

The professionals at the company have in-depth knowledge in this field and therefore, they spread awareness regarding latest cyber-security for online platforms.


Winchargeback offers its services at a very reasonable rate that is much less than most of its competitors. The company offers an initial consultation free of cost to its clients. One can avail of a free consultation by visiting the website of the company or by calling at their customer service phone numbers.

Once the case is undertaken by it, an initial amount is charged which varies between $600 to $1,200 depending upon the case.

For every successful case, a commission fee is charged that generally varies between 7% and 9% which is quite reasonable. However, this fee is subject to changes in the case of complex cases.


Winchargeback offer extremely good quality consultation at a very reasonable rate which makes it stand out in the funds recovery market.

The anti-fraud managers and experts of the company make sure that they do everything in their capacity to help the innocents who have misfortunately become the soft targets of these online scammers.

However, the company’s expertise in this field is confined to online trading platforms with limited types of cases. The company also fails to provide legal support to the clients.

Although the commission fee is much lesser than other potential companies in the funds recovery industry, the services offered by the company are limited.

Overall Winchargeback has a decent record of successfully recovered cases


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Funds-Recovey helped me solve my case. I owe this comment to them and this recommendation because I feel it is the right thing to do. I am not really into all of these commenting and I really hope that I will never have to be in a situation to need a help from a recovery service, but yeah, contact them if you have been scammed before

Coin-Flip trade ripped me off just when I was supposed to withdraw my ROI after I invested $548,000 worth of Bitcoin with them. It took the guys from Funds-Recovery just 2 montsh to finally recover all that was stolen from me. After my money was recovered, I had to be more careful. If anyone reading this needs help recovering their lost funds, I strongly recommend you contact them immediately.

Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.