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Pay Back LTD is a recovery company headquartered in Israel and serves customers globally. It helps victims of financial frauds to get their money back from the scammers.

The company was founded at the backdrop of 2008’s financial crisis which shifted people’s confidence from banks to other financial brokers and subsequently making them more vulnerable to fraud. Pay Back aims to protect investors from such scammers by using every means possible.

It primarily focuses on unregulated Forex and Binary Options Brokers and with a team of experienced as well as hard-working experts, the company serves numerous clients from several countries throughout the year.

Pay Back’s dedication to help traders is reflected in its motto “We’ll move heaven and earth to get your money back”

Which services do they provide?

Pay Back offers a range of services to its clients. Not merely funds retrieval from unregulated brokers but the service portfolio of the company covers financial scams of any kind.

Below is the description of services rendered by Pay Back, all of which can be availed with a simple and hassle-free ‘four-step’ recovery process available on

Online Fraud:

Online fraud in itself is a broad term and contains all financial scams done online. This also includes cyber crimes in which money is pulled from an individual illegally without his authorization.

Cases like these leave investors hopeless and owing to lack of knowledge, the fraudsters usually go away without facing any harm. These scams can be stealing passwords to pull money from bank accounts, using ransomware, lottery & pyramid scams, etc.

Also, with all financial activities getting online, the risk of the sensitive data breach and manipulating people to reveal their bank account information has increased substantially. Many a time, one is unaware of the fraud until he checks his account balance. 

These scams take millions of dollars from people around the globe and leave the banking system in an abyss.

Forex & Binary Options Scams:

Forex (or Foreign Exchange) frauds are usually the type of fraud in which the scammers pursue traders to use foreign exchange in a trade so as to increase the profit margin. 

This is done by using unreal stats, lucrative advertisements, and other Ponzi schemes. A trader’s consent is manufactured in favor of trading in foreign exchange or other particular commodities that will allow the scammer to earn from the trader’s loss.

Binary Options, as the name suggests, are financial products in which the payout depends upon the proposition ‘Yes or No’. They come with an expiry time and the value of the underlying asset is put on the correct side of the strike price. The profit/loss is settled automatically after the option expires. Many unregulated brokers show fake prices of assets for compelling traders to invest. The asset is chosen on the presupposition that the investor is surely going to lose and that will convert into profit for the broker.

In addition to all these, the major share of Forex and Binary Options trading is done online that brings additional risks on the side on less informed traders.

Refunds & Cancellation:

The buyer or trader is entitled to get the amount (full or partial) as per the terms and conditions that come with each of the transactions.

For example, if the service receiver has provided the wrong details while making a transaction or the service rendered does not qualify to what described earlier, the buyer will get a refund as per the policy of the company.

Also, if allowed in the terms and conditions, a buyer is also entitled to cancel the transaction as per wish and get sum refunded back accordingly. – four-step process: presents an extremely simplified money recovery process. The whole aim is to enable anyone to retrieve the lost money easily without going through the complexities of laws. The company takes all the hefty tasks on its shoulders and gives customers complete peace of mind during the entire recovery process.

It works in four simple steps-

  1. Reviewing the claim
  2. Gathering of evidence against the scammer
  3. Confronting the accused company
  4. Getting the customer’s money back

The victim has to provide the following details so that Pay Back can build a strong case and get the money back as soon as possible-

  • Transaction receipt (e-receipt or bank/credit card statement)
  • Merchant/Broker’s webpage and the advertisement of the trading scheme
  • Communication between the trader and broker

All the gathered information is kept confidential and no sensitive information leaves the company or the concerned team except for the usage in legal matters.

The money is retrieved easily if the unregulated broker had been contacted earlier by the company for some reason. On the other hand, complex cases may take up to 2-6 months, which is still considerably less than what other recovery companies in the market guarantee.


Pay Back provides free consultation to all the victims of financial fraud that helps them greatly in deciding the next step.

As far as pricing is concerned, the fee of each case depends upon its type, complexity, and the resources to be invested in it. The amount though is proposed by the company and is finalized upon agreement of both the parties (customer and Pay Back). 

In general, there is an initial fee that ranges from $600 to $1,200 and a commission of 7-9% (of the sum recovered), which is much lower than the standard market rates. 

Customer Service:

Pay Back is headquartered in Israel at the following address:

Ben Gurion Rd 38, Ramat Gan, Israel, 5257354

Office hours: 

Mon-Fr: 8:00-19:00 GMT

Su: 8:00-14:00 GMT

Sat: Closed

One can also place a call using the below Hot Lines:

Toll Free: 1-855-922-2961

AUS: 61-261-887-385

UK: 44-1224-459030

IL: 03-978-6654

Alternatively, the company can be reached at [email protected] where one can drop all the first-hand relevant details. A customer service executive will contact the mailer as soon as possible.


Pay Back finds its place at the top of the list of most trusted recovery companies and the reason behind this is obvious. The company’s backbone is the team made up of financial experts who themselves have worked across various financial sectors and thus possess unparalleled abilities to bring back the customer’s money.

It also researches brokers to find their weak points and loopholes that can be used as a window to get the money back as quickly as possible. If needed, Pay Back can also take the issue to the legal platform. 

As of April 2019, the company has retrieved $573,938 for its customers, precisely the reason why it has garnered substantially higher ratings and positive testimonials.


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