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Overview :

Funds recovery is one of the well-known consulting firms dealing in the recovery of assets lost in trading frauds. 

The company primarily deals with the recovery of financial assets such as scams involving Crypto-Currencies, Forex, Binary Options, and CFDs.

It helps a significant number of scam victims who lost money to scammers in financial fraud every year, thanks to the company’s huge database of all brokers involved in such scams. Notably, this database is also the largest of its kind in the world.

Moreover, the operations are global which allows the company to serve people from any country of the world.

Funds recovery considers that its “team is on a mission to remedy this (financial fraud) problem”. – recovery process:

Submitting a complaint with is entirely hassle-free. There are basically three simple steps- at first, one needs to provide relevant information such as name, country, the amount lost, a brief story of the scam, etc. Thereafter, the company collects all the necessary data needed to file a case against the trading platform to get the trader’s funds back.

Based on the information given by the victim trader, Funds Recovery builds up a case and contacts the trading company directly before approaching any legal means. 

If the broker is someone from whom the company had recovered money in the past, the case will be settled easily. Also, for difficult cases as well, it won’t take more than a few months, taking the Funds Recovery’s expert recovery team and splendid track record into account.


To start with, Funds Recovery offers a free consultation to everyone, which is usually not offered by most of its competitors. 

As far as pricing is concerned, there is no fixed range since the resource and time invested in each case depends upon its complexity. However, the prices won’t go unstated. The company provides the pricing details after analyzing the case presented by the victim.

Besides, the fact should not be ignored that the prices constitute only a fraction of the total sum that can be recovered. When one chooses Funds Recovery, he is choosing the best helping hand out there in the industry with a professional team of experienced members, excellent history of recovery, and even more compelling customer support.

Customer Service:

As per the official website, there are basically three ways of contacting the company- Hot Lines, Support Email address, and via sending a message.

Alternatively, one can also leave a message for the company explaining his concern or for a free consultation. 

One can also file a complaint directly on the company’s website by providing details such as name, email address, name of the scammer, lost amount, etc. along with a brief account of the fraud.

Which services do they provide?

Funds recovery renders services to the victims of online scams. These scams can be of any type such as banking frauds, debit/credit card scams, forex scams, CFD trading scams, and others. 

The complaint registering process is also simple and can be accomplished in three easy steps. The entire interface on the Funds Recovery website is designed in such a manner that even a layman won’t find any difficulty while filing a complaint, raising a dispute, or getting online consultation.

Forex Scams:

The forex market in principle is a zero-sum game, which means whenever one gains, another loses. However, things start getting dirty when someone loses money in a trade because of the fraudulent activities by one of the parties involved.

Every year, millions of people lose money in such scams and fail to recover the same owing to a lack of knowledge or being a novice in financial trading. 

The number of scams increased exponentially in the later years. It is worth mentioning that many trading companies themselves are a player and pioneer of these scams.

The never-ending growth of the digital world, apart from making financial transactions a task to be done in seconds, has also made people more vulnerable to frauds. Hence, it is always advisable to take the help of companies like Funds Recovery if one finds himself to be a victim of the same.

Crypto Currencies Scams:

CryptoCurrency invention brought a new series of financial scams. 

The scammers mainly target inexperienced and unsuspecting users. They steal cryptocurrency and then launder the same in a way to spend that in the real world. Most of the fraudsters use Ponzi schemes, which allows them to scam the new investor by luring them in some schemes and use the money to pay out returns to the older investors.

Many trading companies also give false assurance to new investors and do not reveal the real risks involved in owning and trading crypto currencies.

Binary Options Scam:

The binary options are completely non-regulated.

Based on the complaints received from the victims, Binary Option frauds include refusal of reimbursement by the trading companies, unauthorized collection of users’ sensitive data, trading software manipulation favoring trade losses, etc.

CFD Scams:

Companies dealing with CFDs often post lucrative ads to manipulate traders’ consent in their favor. Also, this financial instrument is unregulated in countries like the US, which gives the trading companies a free hand to play upon the market forces.


Funds Recovery boasts a brilliant history of recovering money for the fraud victims. Thanks to the company’s largest database of unregulated brokers, the recovery process becomes simple and less time-consuming.

The company also has years of experience in dealing with online and cyber frauds, specializing particularly credit card payments, wire transfers, and crypto currency transaction related frauds. 

The best part is that there is utmost transparency during the recovery process, precisely the reason why it has gained high and positive ratings in the form of user reviews. 


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I had problems to withdraw funds from trading brokers. They kept saying i need to pay more taxes and withdrawal fees and lied to me everyday. In the end i reached out to Kate from Funds Recovery and they helped me get most of my funds back

it was a success, I got my lost funds recovered am happy to share my experience so far in trading binary options have been losing and finding it difficult to make a profit in trading for long, traded ith different trading companies but I couldn’t earn profits and I ended up losing the whole live-saving I gave up on trading until I found Funds Recovery company who help me get all my lost fund back from all the brokers and trading companies I traded with