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Overview :

Funds recovery is one of the well-known consulting firms dealing in the recovery of assets lost in trading frauds. 

The company primarily deals with the recovery of financial assets such as scams involving Crypto-Currencies, Forex, Binary Options, and CFDs.

It helps a significant number of scam victims who lost money to scammers in financial fraud every year, thanks to the company’s huge database of all brokers involved in such scams. Notably, this database is also the largest of its kind in the world.

Moreover, the operations are global which allows the company to serve people from any country of the world.

Funds recovery considers that its “team is on a mission to remedy this (financial fraud) problem”. – recovery process:

Submitting a complaint with is entirely hassle-free. There are basically three simple steps- at first, one needs to provide relevant information such as name, country, the amount lost, a brief story of the scam, etc. Thereafter, the company collects all the necessary data needed to file a case against the trading platform to get the trader’s funds back.

Based on the information given by the victim trader, Funds Recovery builds up a case and contacts the trading company directly before approaching any legal means. 

If the broker is someone from whom the company had recovered money in the past, the case will be settled easily. Also, for difficult cases as well, it won’t take more than a few months, taking the Funds Recovery’s expert recovery team and splendid track record into account.


To start with, Funds Recovery offers a free consultation to everyone, which is usually not offered by most of its competitors. 

As far as pricing is concerned, there is no fixed range since the resource and time invested in each case depends upon its complexity. However, the prices won’t go unstated. The company provides the pricing details after analyzing the case presented by the victim.

Besides, the fact should not be ignored that the prices constitute only a fraction of the total sum that can be recovered. When one chooses Funds Recovery, he is choosing the best helping hand out there in the industry with a professional team of experienced members, excellent history of recovery, and even more compelling customer support.

Customer Service:

As per the official website, there are basically three ways of contacting the company- Hot Lines, Support Email address, and via sending a message.

Alternatively, one can also leave a message for the company explaining his concern or for a free consultation. 

One can also file a complaint directly on the company’s website by providing details such as name, email address, name of the scammer, lost amount, etc. along with a brief account of the fraud.

Which services do they provide?

Funds recovery renders services to the victims of online scams. These scams can be of any type such as banking frauds, debit/credit card scams, forex scams, CFD trading scams, and others. 

The complaint registering process is also simple and can be accomplished in three easy steps. The entire interface on the Funds Recovery website is designed in such a manner that even a layman won’t find any difficulty while filing a complaint, raising a dispute, or getting online consultation.

Forex Scams:

The forex market in principle is a zero-sum game, which means whenever one gains, another loses. However, things start getting dirty when someone loses money in a trade because of the fraudulent activities by one of the parties involved.

Every year, millions of people lose money in such scams and fail to recover the same owing to a lack of knowledge or being a novice in financial trading. 

The number of scams increased exponentially in the later years. It is worth mentioning that many trading companies themselves are a player and pioneer of these scams.

The never-ending growth of the digital world, apart from making financial transactions a task to be done in seconds, has also made people more vulnerable to frauds. Hence, it is always advisable to take the help of companies like Funds Recovery if one finds himself to be a victim of the same.

Crypto Currencies Scams:

CryptoCurrency invention brought a new series of financial scams. 

The scammers mainly target inexperienced and unsuspecting users. They steal cryptocurrency and then launder the same in a way to spend that in the real world. Most of the fraudsters use Ponzi schemes, which allows them to scam the new investor by luring them in some schemes and use the money to pay out returns to the older investors.

Many trading companies also give false assurance to new investors and do not reveal the real risks involved in owning and trading crypto currencies.

Binary Options Scam:

The binary options are completely non-regulated.

Based on the complaints received from the victims, Binary Option frauds include refusal of reimbursement by the trading companies, unauthorized collection of users’ sensitive data, trading software manipulation favoring trade losses, etc.

CFD Scams:

Companies dealing with CFDs often post lucrative ads to manipulate traders’ consent in their favor. Also, this financial instrument is unregulated in countries like the US, which gives the trading companies a free hand to play upon the market forces.


Funds Recovery boasts a brilliant history of recovering money for the fraud victims. Thanks to the company’s largest database of unregulated brokers, the recovery process becomes simple and less time-consuming.

The company also has years of experience in dealing with online and cyber frauds, specializing particularly credit card payments, wire transfers, and crypto currency transaction related frauds. 

The best part is that there is utmost transparency during the recovery process, precisely the reason why it has gained high and positive ratings in the form of user reviews. 


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I had problems to withdraw funds from trading brokers. They kept saying i need to pay more taxes and withdrawal fees and lied to me everyday. In the end i reached out to Kate from Funds Recovery and they helped me get most of my funds back

it was a success, I got my lost funds recovered am happy to share my experience so far in trading binary options have been losing and finding it difficult to make a profit in trading for long, traded ith different trading companies but I couldn’t earn profits and I ended up losing the whole live-saving I gave up on trading until I found Funds Recovery company who help me get all my lost fund back from all the brokers and trading companies I traded with

I do not even know how I ended uup here, but I thought
this posst was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going tto a famous
blogger if you are not already 🙂 Cheers!

I’ve been involved in romance scam over social media, so embarassing, funds-recovery brought my funds and my life back! Thank you!

I was scammed into investing ( I used 3 different payment methods – Paypal, my current account and transferwise). I lose 4420€ not only because the market crashed but because I was told to put a certain amount into a certain company. As far as Im concerned, thats illegal. I wanted to put in hundreds, not thousands. Anyway, it’s recent. I need your help. Thank you

I invested money with Fantex but when I wanted to recover some money they told me I had to pay tax before recovering my money. Funds Recovery got my money back from my bank.

I need help to recover my bitcoins or funds scammed by a company known as Beacon Capital Investments Ltd based at 10 Wellington Street, Cambridge, UK. I was scammed an amount of $100K in an investment scheme which run for 52 weeks and promised a hefty compound interest. After joining the investment scheme you will receive weekly earnings sent via your email and you see your earnings grow by the week and feel happy and you receive assurance that after the investment period you will receive all your earning with compound interest. In my case the investment would have yielded a whopping $407 979 but I never received my earnings despite the promises made by BCI COO and trader Dexter Wood. I sent him emails and Whats Apps in which he promised to make payment at at end of May but until today I have not received my payment. It was then I realised that I have been scammed. I have all the proof of transactions and deposits made to BCI Ltd’s wallet address. So would like to appeal to you help me recover my funds from the scammer.

My name is Ella Márton from Târgu Mures, Romania.
Telefon nr.: +40740346496,
email:[email protected]

I was involved in an online love affair with Dr. Roland David Baciu, an orthopedic surgeon, an American citizen, with a Romanian father and an American mother,born 04.10.1962, he sad, who has a civil contract with the US Department of Defense, based at NATO Victory in Aleppo-Syria. You will see his existence right on LinkedIn, and even my CV, where he contacted me, and that’s how this story started. Being in the military base, I didn’t have a video call, so I don’t know him, only from the pictures. He wanted a vacation to meet us, but said he was not approved, which happened without the involvement of the Organization, as the chief orthopedic surgeon at the NATO-based hospital in Aleppo. Following this, he decided that he wanted to terminate his contract in order to form with me and his daughter, a family, for which I turned to the so-called organization of your holiday department, where I paid from the savings 6700 euros for the lawyer who supported us at the European Court, where a fine of 19500 euros was decided, which I also paid half of a five-year loan and borrowed from the natural person the other half, with his promise, to the adopter Baciu, that he will return everything when he can leave the base, not being able to access his account blocked due to accessing some frauds, at SUNTRUST Bank, only personally, signing some documents.
After all this, I received an email from the so-called Organization, which also includes the decision of the Department of Defense, where he is asked to return a sum of 39,600 dollars, after which he can leave the military base and the hospital in Aleppo-Syria,assuring me with firm promises of marriage and that he will pay me without delay all the sums borrowed for him, including my savings, including additional expenses.

I wonder if you know this problem, is it true or has been used falsely on your behalf? I’m miserable, if I fail to get this money back, so atthe same time, please direct me to where I could do this work,otherwise I am unable to live daily.
For the payment of the amounts I have the evidence from the bank and even for the loan, including the emails received from your Organization with the name, the account and the person where the requested amounts had to be transferred.

Yours sincerely, if you read and understand the situation in which some scammers put me, starting with Dr. Baciu, if it were him and no one else, Helen Hoedl, representative of the Organization and the illegal
use of the names of your representatives on some fake documents and emails without logo. I would be glad if it wasn’t true to be fake, which I don’t really think, after the money invested by me, which makes it impossible for me to live with 400 euros per month, from which to pay 5 years 10000 euros, plus the loan of to an individual 10,000 euros, which is due in a week, not to mention the maintenance costs of the fines of Dr. Baciu’s daughter, called Isabella, who, according to stories, was in an American boarding school in Bucharest, with steam cards bought in value of over 1219 dollars and 1175 dollars deposited in Bitcoin at the wallet of the Organization, confirmed with an email.

This amount, 10000 euro, was sent back by the bank in Poland, no one understood why, not even my bank, from this amount I paid through the Coinbace application in Bitcoin 556 DOLLAR, 619 DOLLAR, TOTAL BITCOIN 1175 DOLLAR, confirmed in email by this UN, remaining from 10000 euros with changes in lei and vice versa with the amount of 8700 euros that I sent for the second time to a bank in Poland, to the UN agent, stated by them, accounts that can be found on the bank transfer evidence, but I will also detail them in this letter.

IBAN: PL43 1540 1098 2008 0004 7335 0002
Address: JESIONOVA 25 S LUPSK 76-200, POLAND

IBAN: PL38194010765571036200000000
the name:


[email protected]
skype-skype name-live:.cid.d8418a68c721dc5b

just skype

-in the
beginning he text me on lindkedin, he has profile there with foto and he work
for NATO from 01.2021-8 month till no

no videochat
becose is in military basa where don’t free to videochat call

to the bank
with SEPA transfer to account of agent
UN in Poland for 3 times

I will be
send foto, I have two, one of linkedin, one from skype, one with his daughter

He has a
doughter, he sad, in the bourdingschool American, in the Bucharest, 16 age

With respect and thanks in advance, Ella Marton

P.S. I want attach the doctor’s picture and proof of transactions. If you can really start an investigation into the problem and you can return this money to me, to which I had the firm promise of the doctor that he will pay all the expenses, after he can leave the camp, if I pay the amount requested by the Department of Defense of 39600 dollars, which totally overwhelmed me and I’m not going to endanger the roof over my head, anyway they screwed me over the life I still have to live, knowing that I’ve never heard of loans.
I keep in touch with him, what ever who is, by skype.Skype address of dr Roland David Baciu:live:,cid.d8418a68c721dc5b, and email addres: [email protected] . He is on Linkedlin like Roland D Baciu -Medical Surgeon, that is the site from he text me first time.identificated number of him:APO#: APOAE09342 NATO ID:CH005585E REG:EF-0008-222P
For that matter, keep your enemy close, keep in touch with him, or whoever he is, and now insist on getting any of the 39,600 requested by the Department of Defense, so that the so-called UN can negotiate the termination of the contract. , to be able to leave the camp, to form a family and to pay all the debts.

I wrote all this to another UN address,here is the UN ADDRESS:[email protected], from which I did not receive any answer. If, indeed, I am now with this email at the real UN, when you confirm the receipt of my email / complaint of fraud, I can always identify myself with my identity card, which I was asked for at the first email address of the UN- fake?? I don’t even know if there is this NATO base, much less Dr. Roland David Baciu, whose reputation is tarnished or is he himself behind the photos?
I hereby ask you with all my heart to help me recover my lost money, I cannot pay the loans and I am unable to live every day.

Please, from the bottom of my heart, analyze and help me recover this money, I can provide you with all the necessary evidence and emails.

One of the first emails:
Camp Name: Victory Base Syria




A solicited proposal for breach of contract has been forwarded to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on behalf of Dr. Roland D. Baciu requesting for an immediate breach of any contract agreed and signed between the aforementioned organisation and APO#:APOAE09342, which was supposed to end 15th December 2024.

More details will be sent to you as

More details will be sent to you as soon as our legal team

Forwarded Message —–


To: MARTON ELLA ; “[email protected]

Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 03:05:45 PM GMT+3


Attn: Roland & Marton,

Camp Name: Victory Base Syria

Below is the response we got from the United States Department of Defense

Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 6:45 PM
From: “Defense Secretary”
To: [email protected]


1400 Defense Blvd,

Washington DC 20301, United States.

August 24 2021

United Nations Headquarters

New York, NY 10017

United States

Dr. Roland Baciu
Camp name: Victory Base Syria.

This is to acknowledge the email received from the United Nations on behalf of Dr. Roland Baciu who is currently deployed in Syria.


We want you to understand that Dr. Roland Baciu signed a seven years contract with the U.S Department of Defense to be deployed on international matters with the U.S army as a civilian employee. During this course, his full monthly allowance for these years was paid to him before deployment (Excluding compensation fee).

A review was made in the payment transcript and your client was paid one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars for each month prior to the 84 months expected of his services.

Dr. Roland Baciu is one of our best surgeons and the department was considering to transfer the surgeon from Syria to Afghanistan with our soldiers, but it has come to our notice that he breached his contract in the European Court.


After a brief meeting, the U.S Department of Defense concluded that Dr. Roland Baciu should refund the allowance he was paid, for the remaining 2 years he was supposed to serve before he breached his contract.
This is to say, we expect him to refund a total sum of 39,600.00 dollars which is 1,650.00 dollars for 24 months (2 years) paid to him in arreas for his services.


Dr. Roland is expected to refund 1,650.00 dollars for the two years he breached off his contract.
To balance the efficiency of our signed agreement, we expect Dr. Roland Baciu to make this refund before this department can sign the breach of contract and request an immediate flight for him out of there

Kelly Magsamen
Chief of staff office

The Information contained and transmitted by this MAIL is proprietary to the United states Department of Defense and / or it is intended for use only by the individual or entity to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or exempt from a disclosure under applicable law. If this MAIL get to your mailbox by mistake,

kindly delete. The content of this may not have been sent to the right recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, an agent of the intended recipient or a person responsible for delivering the information to the named recipient, you are to inform the rightful owner of the mailbox.

Download all attachments as a zip file

photo of dr Roland David Baciu.7z

TOTAL EURO 25170.7z

To:[email protected]
Fri, Sep 10 at 6:22 PM
Download all attachments as a zip file

photo of dr Roland David Baciu.7z
TOTAL EURO 25170.7z

I am having problem withdrawing funds from a trading broker. They keep saying I need to pay upfront commission, exit fees and capital gains on the ROI. Can you please help recover my investment including the earning/ROI? How does it work, how much is your fees and how long does it normally take? In addition, where are you located (business address), your contact details including your business phone. Thanking you.

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