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Is bringing scammers to justice enough for the victims?

Governments do a strict job of identifying the scammers and stopping their ploys. Each year millions of such scammers around the world are brought to justice and proper punishment is endowed upon them. Still, there remain several more of such scamming companies that prey upon the inexperienced internet users. Often in all these cases, the victims are at a loss. Their funds are lost and neither do they have the means nor the knowledge to recover the lost amount. 

The government is fixated on punishing the scamming sites and such firms. And also making sure to avoid such occurrences in the future. In this scenario, the plight of the victims who have suffered becomes secondary and generally goes vain.

The legal proceedings take a lot of time and are also very expensive which may lead to more money invested in recovering the money than the amount actually recovered. There comes the need for platforms or sites that are dedicated to the recovery of lost funds and assets. These consulting firms, in general, are online platforms where users can talk about their problems and get professional help to get back their money. Such sites are transparent and experienced in handling scammers and can provide step by step updates to the users about actions to be taken.

Consulting firms

A large number of people around the world get scammed online via Forex, binary options, cryptocurrency, and CFDs scams. These firms primarily focus on providing help to people scammed via the aforementioned methods. The specialization in online scams helps them to be contacted from around the world for recovering lost funds.

On their sites, users can find databases of unregistered brokers who have been scamming the online community. This helps the online population to avoid such service providers and even avoid the scam in the first place. For the unfortunate traders, the firms could still be a great choice in further processes.

The process

Consulting firms generally provide a free consultation to any of the visitors who have been scammed. To avail of this, users need to file a complaint directly from their site. The form includes user details like names, email addresses, the amount lost, currency in which the amount was lost, etc. It also contains an area to explain the whole situation in detail. The site then takes time to understand the particular scenario. It comments on the best path to be taken to recover the lost fund if at all the funds are retrievable.

If the user agrees the site assigns a recovery agent who is highly competent to handle such situations. The recovery agent then researches more on the topic, gathers all the information and builds up a case. The agent takes care of every minute details from filing claims to proper authorities to talking with the scamming organization.  

Though no fixed time can be appointed on the work done by the enterprise, easy cases may take a single month while complex and more nuanced cases might take longer periods of time. The recovery agent ensures that however long it takes, the funds are recovered and returned to the victim/client.